Susquehanna Ledge Stone

Product Description

Susquehanna Ledge Stone – Thin stone veneer with a 1.5″ to 2.0″ bed depth.  Snapped face with predominantly blue and green/gray tones.  Height range of 1″ to 3″ with 6″ to 24″ random lengths.  24 pounds per square foot.

Susquehanna-Ledgestone-Pallet-HEPCOSusquehanna Ledge Stone Thin VeneerSusquehanna ledge stone high riseSusquehanna-Ledgestone-PalletSusquehanna Ledge Thin StoneSusquehanna Ledge Stone VeneerSusquehanna Ledge Stone Thin Stone Veneer Knee WallSusquehanna Ledge Stone Sample